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Our History

We have provided the produce industry with high quality service for 90 years. We deal in full load and LTL shipments for a full line of commodities. We are located in Forest Park, Georgia at the Atlanta State Farmers Market near the Atlanta Airport.

At Hubert Nall Company we have our eyes towards the future. We are always seeking out new ways to serve the produce industry with outstanding quality in bringing you the best fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Our Company was founded in 1925 by Hubert H Nall, Sr., just a few years before the Great Depression. During that time our office was located at the Old Atlanta Market downtown near the current-day Underground Atlanta. Hubert Sr. worked alone for many years and served the produce industry with honesty, integrity, and a high level of personal customer service.

Later, when the market moved to West End, our office was located in what was known as the Little White House which became a gathering place for customers to rendezvous on Sundays and reminisce about old times. It is during these times that Hubert Jr. began working with the company. Our Company has been through several economic Ups and Downs of the world and continues to thrive and provide the same high quality service for which we are known.

We have been in our current location at the market since 1958 when the Atlanta State Farmers Market moved to Forest Park just south of downtown Atlanta. Hubert Jr. took over the business in 1979 after the passing of Hubert Sr. and continued to grow the business. Before Hubert Jr. passed in December of 2007 he handed the reins of the business to Hubert III. Now we are dedicated to continuing the integrity and quality customer service that has been our foundation since the beginning.

  • Hubert H. Nall Sr., Founder

    Hubert H. Nall, Sr.
    1895-1979, Founder

  • Hubert H. Nall Jr. 1927-2007

    Hubert H. Nall, Jr.